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What is an Intranet
An intranet is an internal network used by individuals within an organisation.  The network is set up on a server to which authorised users within an organisation have access. 

Differing levels of access can be set so that some users may have complete access to all data available and others may have access only to areas relevant to their department.  Differing levels of functionality can also be set. 
business intranet
Department directory
Employee directory
Company rules and regulations
Employee Handbook
Holiday dates
Company incentive schemes
Business card/stationery ordering
Travel expenses input
Company news and events
Employee of the month
intranet uses
Intranets are often used by companies as an information source for employees giving all staff access to general company information.  Examples of common uses are shown in the panel opposite.

If you would like to discuss how an extranet could benefit your company, please call us on 01474 854317 and we will be happy to advise you.
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