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Meteor Web Marketing offer Access database design, as part of a website design project or independently.
access database
A database is a powerful business tool which makes it easy to access and find the information you need.  It provides many benefits that help you organize and share your database so you and your team make better decisions. You are able to quickly find answers that count, share information over intranets, and build faster and more effective business solutions.
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website integration
All websites can be enhanced with a database facility to be used in various ways. A database can allow a customer to search your website for the particular goods or services they are seeking.  It also enables you to collect contact details and other information from your site users via an online form which is input directly into the database.

We can also set up pages to allow updating, inserting and deleting of information within the database. This facility can be openly available to all site users, password protected for members or only for the site owner.  A password protected update page allows easy, instant updating of stock available for example.
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