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website design options
Our designers are very aware of the fact that businesses are constantly growing and evolving.  With this in mind we build all our websites with the option to add extra pages, elements or facilities at a later stage.

Various options can be incorporated into your website either at the beginning of production or at a later date.  For example you may want to display a searchable database of products initially and then add shopping and payment facilities later.
website designs options
website updates
Easy instant updates - Where appropriate we will design the site in such a way that you, the site owner, can make almost instant changes to images and/or text quickly and simply at any time - allowing your site to be kept fresh and up to date.

Additional elements
Scrolling Text
Image Slide Shows
Cascading Menus
Simple Animated Gifs
Rollover Images
Status Bar Text
We believe that flashy animation and too much movement on a screen can be irritating to a site user.  However, used carefully and in moderation some  elements can be effective in creating additional interest.  Some examples are shown on the panel to the right.
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