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website makeovers and redesign
Meteor Web Marketing regularly undertake website makeovers and improvements for clients for a variety of reasons.  These improvements range from simple 'tagging' to complete redesign.
website makeovers and redesign
website meta tagging
Often a website has not been successful in achieving good listings on search engines, and this can be due to inadequate or incorrect 'tagging'.  If you feel that your website is not getting the results you want, call us for a free review and we will advise whether re-tagging could help.
website updates
Information on websites can quickly go out of date if you have a static site.  For example telephone numbers may change, prices may go up and some product might be discontinued.  We can update information on your current site, or build additional pages to enable you to update your site yourself.
website redesign
You may want to consider a complete redesign of your site if it is out of date, your corporate colours and logo have changed or you just want a new look.
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