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A fully e-commerce enabled website allows your customers to search for, order and pay for goods online. 
SSL and payment processing
Processing payments can be achieved in one of two ways;

SSL gives you the ability to communicate securely with your web customers.  When using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) all communications with your clients are protected so customer card details are captured, encrypted and held on a secure server.  You, as site owner, can then collect the card details and processes the payment personally.

When using a Third Party Payment Processor the 'checkout' process is handled by them.  All credit card details are captured by the payment processor, encrypted and securely handled using SSL.  As the merchant, you do not have any involvement with credit card details.  The payment processor will pass on the payment to you along with the order which you must then fulfill.
For more information on e-commerce enabling your website and to discuss payment options in further detail, call us on 01474 854317.  We will be happy to provide you with all the details you require and advise on the best option for your business.
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