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domain name registration
(per 2 yrs)
Good choice if your business is aimed only at UK market
(per 2 yrs)
Good choice for international companies or those selling worldwide
(per 2 yrs)
Particularly suitable for information services
(per 2 yrs)
Usually for non-profit making organisations
(per year)
Available now
(per 2 yrs)
Suitable for any information sites
(per 2 yrs)
A different choice for any business
(per 2 yrs)
Suitable for UK based non-profit making organisation
(per 2 yrs)
For UK limited companies
(per 2 yrs)
For UK plcs
(per 2 yrs)
For personal use
(per 2 yrs)
For mobile web.
A domain name for your business immediately gives the impression of a professional and internet-established presence.
Your domain name can be;

Used to set up unlimited email addresses specifically for different areas of your business.

Your emails can also be forwarded to another email address. Auto responders can be set up to send an instant reply to any messages received.

Parked - parking means your domain name is on hold for later use. A holding page can be uploaded so that anyone typing in your address will be able to view your contact details, etc.
We offer a free domain name availability check service.

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